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Development and Construction  - Weber Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Component development and consulting service

Fair cooperation brings your product to perfection and increases your success
Fast and cost-efficient solutions for problems are developed, if all experts and specialists contribute their knowledge in the early phase of a project and exchange ideas in the framework of target-oriented project planning.

Only this way systematic product developments can be implemented transparently in compliance with the customers’ requirements. Also this permits our customers to actively participate in all stages of product development.

Due to the support by engineering tools concerning the application of 3D CAD technologies, such as mold flow calculations etc., the development phase and the series starting phase can be reduced considerably.

Rapid prototyping

The earlier a prototype is existing, the faster any possible faults can be traced resp. improvements can be incorporated in the component.

By means of experimental tools made of aluminum resp. soft steel as well as of various rapid prototyping procedures (e.g. stereolithography, laser sintering, vacuum mold casting etc.) we are in a position to manufacture first demonstration resp. function samples at an early stage.

Direct communication and short distances facilitate a smooth implementation process.


Tool construction

Take on challenges, create reliability through precision
For each component an individual tool is developed according to a predetermined tool specification and manufactured by our designers.

Design drawings are made for each single tool part in order to optimize the flow in tool and mold construction. Our specialists know the requirements necessary to implement tools suitable for series production, such as injection molding tools, punching tools, measuring devices, mounting fixtures etc.

Due to our long-standing experience, also matching metals as well as suitable hard-coatings are already determined during the engineering phase.



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