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Surface finishing & mounting  - Weber Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Experience and competence

With our highly motivated production team we provide comprehensive services ranging from simple product finishing, such as printing, laser marking, galvanized, vapor-coated and varnished surfaces, to ultrasonic welding and packaging, up to manual resp. fully automated packaging of complex component assemblies. Thus we obtain increase of the vertical range of manufacture and optimize the value-added chain of our customers. Due to precise coordination of development, fabrication and logistics processes we are able to manufacture ready-to-install components in customer-specific packaging industrially and economically.

Our customers supply detailed product specifications with the inquiry or during the component designing process which we implement step by step. Furthermore the Weber Group discretely purchases outsourced components and selects the suppliers suitable for your purposes. These suppliers are audited by Weber and approved for the first run of serial production. So you will save time and relieve your own company.


Weber GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 11
92726 Waidhaus
Phone 0 96 52 - 8 14 94- 0
Fax 0 96 52 - 8 14 94- 20
E-Mail info@weber-waidhaus.de


Weber Formenbau & Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Andernacherstraße 6
90411 Nürnberg
Phone 09 11- 2 52 47 60
Fax 09 11- 2 52 47 61 79
E-Mail info@weber-fk.com